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Vehicles & Security | What To Do Once You Lose Your Car

It is a regular Thursday morning, and you just worked into the bank to make some deposits and now you’re outside, phone in left hand and car key in right hand, walking towards the car park.

You have already identified the particular key for your red trendy saloon, and waiting to hit the remote control so the doors pop open and you slide in the key.

Then something happens! First, there is a little mix up somewhere. The red saloon has been replaced by a black Toyota Highlander.

You didn’t get a new car, no! You just lost the old one. The owner of the new car came around, saw an empty space and moved in his own, and you know you have just returned back to the state of no car again, especially if that is your only car.

What do you do?

I won’t say don’t panic, because even I would. You walk up to the security to make some case and he shows you where it is boldly written, ’Vehicles are parked at owners’ risks’!

And yes, they are truly parked at your risk. That is the exact reason you have always been advised to install car tracking devices.

With a simple GPS tracker, you can help the Police in their investigation and before the vehicle is sold to the next owner, or even get anywhere close to the border, you would have gotten it back.

So what do you do once your car is missing?

  • File a Police report

It is very necessary for so many reasons. There have been cases of people going on robbery attacks with stolen vehicles, and end up implicating the innocent owners who might not have had the issue documented.

Once robbers are closer to getting apprehended, they flee and leave their cars behind. The Police would pick them up and it will help in the investigation.

Believe me, if you do not file a Police report and your car is involved, you are in for real trouble.

Some of the information that will be needed for the report includes:

• Date and time of the theft of the vehicle

• Year, model, make and mileage of the missing vehicle

• The location of the incidence

You will also need to pay some fees, since you’re dealing with the Nigerian Police who are not always your friend.

  • Track your vehicle

If you have already employed the services of a car tracking company, then it is time to make use of them.

Car tracking in Nigeria is very possible, and it is also very affordable. By then you would have filed a Police report, and it will help them track your vehicle and punish defaulters.

  • Make a public announcement

If you have filed a Police report and they are investigating, you might also need to make a public announcement whether by radio, social media or any way.

The car might have been used for something illegal, and chances are that it will be dropped somewhere and you will eventually get it back.

The announcement should contain the color, chassis number/VIN, engine number, make and other vehicle specifications.

Let’s do everything possible to secure our precious vehicles as the inconveniences are not really worth the carelessness.

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