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diamond bank

Diamond Bank Achieved Greatness – You Can Too

Diamond Bank Tells Onitsha Entrepreneurs to Take Advantage of Nigeria The Diamond Bank of Nigeria has been performing wonders over a while now and I am more inspired by their latest idea. Entrepreneurs based in Onitsha has been encouraged to take advantage of Nigeria, China currency swap. Importers in the commercial city of Onitsha were on […]

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funny romantic quotes

30+ Funny Romantic Quotes

Do you have a girlfriend and you want to make her happy with romantic quotes? Or you have a boyfriend and want to make him happy with cute funny love quotes? Definitely, you need funny romantic quotes to send to him or her if truly you want to see a smile on your bae/boo’s face. We […]

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short inspirational quotes about love

Short Inspirational Quotes About LOVE

Love could make someone go crazy at times. If you have ever fallen in love with someone before especially with a man with so many beards? You’ll agree with me that falling in love is the easiest thing to do but staying in love and growing your love relationship with him or her is what’s […]

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raising leaders from the street


Raising a leader from the street. Never give up until you become a leader of your own self-making it known to people that you’re no doubt a leader with great potentials. Life is about discovering who we are; leading is about striving to become better than we are, and helping everything and everyone around us to […]

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